Vanilla Essential Oil Blends

Vanilla Essential Oil Blends

Essential oils are hugely popular globally because the smell is lovely and super versatile. And, these magical substances don’t just have a delightful aroma.

Many people swear that they can have many health benefits, too. For example, some people say that essential oils can calm them down, reducing depression, and anxiety.

If you don’t believe in these health benefits, you can always use them to boost your mood. Many people add these oils to their laundry to make them smell fantastic and as an extra treat to spice up this household chore.

In addition, you can add these scents to reed diffusers, in wax melts and aroma diffusers.

However, if you don’t know what you are doing, blending the wrong essential oils can create a hideous scent. It can even mean putting off your friends from visiting!

And no one wants to be known as the smelly friend! So, to help you maintain your place on the social ladder, we’ve researched different blends thoroughly.

Vanilla is a gorgeously diverse scent, which means you can experiment and let your creativity run wild. The following article can help you out if you’re searching for inspiration. Read on! 

Vanilla Oil, Nutmeg, Cinnamon Bark, And Orange Blend 

This spicy blend is perfect for the colder months because it has a warm fragrance that can evoke a nostalgic cozy feeling.

If you want to feel festive around Christmas, we recommend making this blend. The cinnamon, orange, and nutmeg feature many traditional Christmas cake recipes. 


Adding 7 drops will bring a really citrusy tint to your essential oil blend.

A brilliant fact about orange essential oil is that it can be mixed well with lemon, lavender, ginger, sage, frankincense, cedarwood, and rosemary.

This means that for many, this essential oil is a significant investment! 


For this blend recipe, we recommend adding 5 drops of nutmeg oil.

Nutmeg is often found in spiced baked goods around Christmas time, perfect for evoking a festive feeling in a space.

As a result, adding this essential oil will create a cozy vibe to your blend, perfect for adding to a reed diffuser. 

Cinnamon Bark

If you want to create a vanilla essential oil blend for aromatherapy, adding cinnamon bark extract is a great way to achieve this.

The slightly spiced cinnamon works well in this recipe for bringing a festive element. Putting in 7 drops will help create a beautiful blend.

Vanilla Oil 

Vanilla oil is a beautifully versatile fragrance, which means it works well with the collection of other essential extracts used in this recipe.

We love this particular brand because it’s 100% pure! We advise you to add 5 drops to this recipe. 

Bergamot, Sandalwood, And Vanilla 

This blend is a comforting fragrance, perfect for adding to a bath and relaxing after a long day hard at work. 


Putting in some 100% bergamot essential oil will bring a citrusy tinge to your fragrance.

Some claim this oil to help depression and anxiety, so it may be something worth trying if you’re suffering from these. 


Some people claim that sandalwood helps them focus and reduces their stress. Sandalwood is commonly used in grown-up perfumes, which means you can achieve this refined essential oil for yourself if you add it.

In addition, some say that this extract can help soothe irritated skin, which allows those with irritations to cause problems for a while. 


Having vanilla essential oil in your cupboard is excellent for those who want a versatile scent to hand. You can make bath bombs, add this to massage blends, and apply this extract for skincare, too! 

Vanilla Spice 

If you’re getting into the Fall spirit, why not reflect that in the scents you wear? This vanilla spice blend is a brilliant recipe for adding a room diffuser to bring a homely vibe to any setting. 


To create this blend, add 2 drops of orange essential oil. The warm citrusy scent will bring a natural freshness to this blend and suit someone who wants their home to smell homely and Mediterranean. 


This spicy addition is suited for Fall and winter because it brings warmth to these colder months. In addition, this homely spice is known by many to be a festive one, which is likely to bring back happy memories for many people. 


This is a sweet, romantic, and rich scent, which means that you can comfortably add it to laundry to give it something special.

If you want to make candles, you could always add this blend to the mixture to smell lovely. You can share these candles as gifts, which will make for a significant present for friends and family. 

Cinnamon Bun 

Do you love the smell of fresh cinnamon buns? Then, if you want to cut down on eating them, you can create an essential oil blend that your waistline will thank you for! 


It wouldn’t be a cinnamon bun smell without the spice! This well-known festive scent is used in many bakeries globally to contrast with the sugary sweetness in pastries. Put 2 drops of cinnamon essential oil into this mixture.


Orange peel is often used to bring a citrusy element to cinnamon buns. So, it’s only fitting that it’s added here! 2 drops will do for this cinnamon bun scent.


Cardamon is known for having a spicy, sweet, and woody fragrance. The woody part is usually the first to fade away, with the spiciness staying for a long time.

Many people love this essential oil for its freshness, which has a slight lemony touch in it. To add it to this blend, put in 2 drops.


We advise adding 1 drop of vanilla to the mixture to make this essential oil blend. This sweet and natural scent is beloved by many as a beautiful base. This means you can get creative with how many drops you add if you wish.

Final Thoughts 

Vanilla essential oil blends smell brilliant when they’re done well! These fragrances can be used to bring a touch of luxury to any home and customized to suit different tastes.

If you’re searching for a festive scent, it’s often a good idea to add cinnamon. We hope you got the inspiration to make your own beautiful blends!

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