Top 10 Best Essential Oil Brands – Reviews & Comparisons

Have you ever been interested in learning about the top essential oil products? Whom and why should you obtain essential oils? These are wonderful questions!

With so many firms selling essential oils on the market, it's tricky to know where to begin. Naturally, you want the finest oils accessible that are both safe and inexpensive.

Due to the increased popularity of essential oils, an inflow of essential oil firms has formed. Certain corporations try to continually cut costs at the expense of oil quality by inserting synthetic compounds into their commodities.

While pure essential oils offer a plethora of medicinal characteristics, manufactured oils may be detrimental to your health.

Essential oils are a superb approach to experience the fragrances of some of the most sought-after extracts on the market today. Aromatherapy oils are authentic representations of the plants they are produced from.

When diffused into the air of a location, these natural extracts have the power to inspire, stimulate, relax, and promote general well-being and peace of mind.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils have received a lot of attention recently for their ability to heal a multitude of issues, ranging from headaches to sleeplessness to sore throats.

Are these concentrated plant-based oils, nevertheless, effective? When employed effectively, essential oils may have a favorable influence on your health and well-being.

The word "essential oils" refers to concentrated plant extracts. They are created by steaming or pressing various parts of a plant (flowers, bark, leaves, or fruit) to extract the fragrant components.

A single bottle of essential oil may need many pounds of plant material. Apart from providing scents, essential oils have various other purposes in plants.

While some argue that essential oils are natural treatments for a variety of ailments, there is no evidence to support their usefulness in human health.

While laboratory studies show promise — one at Johns Hopkins revealed that particular essential oils may be more efficient than antibiotics in eliminating a strain of Lyme bacteria - human clinical trials have yielded mixed findings.

While some studies indicate that essential oils may be medicinal, others demonstrate that they have no effect on symptoms. Clinical tests have been done to explore if essential oils may aid in the treatment of the following conditions:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of appetite

Essential oils come in a variety of grades, ranging from pure to diluted with less expensive ingredients.

Additionally, owing to a lack of regulation, the label may not provide an exhaustive list of the bottle's components. As a consequence, essential oils are not recommended for consumption.

Additionally, Johns Hopkins advises against using essential oil diffusers, which are little pieces of household equipment that produce scented mist. Individuals may face a range of disadvantages as a consequence of being dispersed in a public place or inside a large household.

For example, peppermint oil is often recommended as a headache cure. When used with a kid less than 30 months, however, the toddler may become cranky. It may have a negative effect. Additionally, peppermint may cause a negative response in those who have an irregular heartbeat.

In a small proportion of people, some essential oils may induce irritation or allergic reactions. You are more likely to have a bad reaction if you have atopic dermatitis or a history of adverse reactions to topical medicines.

Due to the high concentration of pure essential oils, they must be diluted with a carrier oil to avoid an undesirable reaction when applied directly to the skin. Consult a physician if a red, itchy rash or hives develops as a result of utilizing essential oils. You may be experiencing an allergic reaction.

When purchasing essential oils, the first consideration should be the product's quality. However, deciding which oils are the finest is challenging, since there is no recognized authority offering essential oil rating systems or certifications in the United States.

Is this a serious problem? Numerous companies claim that they provide "therapeutic-grade" essential oils, however, this is a marketing trick.

Regrettably, a huge proportion of commodities sold online or in stores have been harvested inappropriately or include additives not disclosed on the label.

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the application of essential oils for therapeutic purposes. For millennia, aromatherapy has been practiced.

When essential oils are inhaled, the scent molecules go directly from the olfactory nerves to the brain, where they have a powerful effect on the amygdala, the brain's emotional center.

Furthermore, essential oils may be absorbed by the skin. While doing a rubdown, a massage therapist may add a drop or two of wintergreen oil to the oil to assist in the relaxation of tight muscles. To provide a calming soak, a skincare company may put lavender into bath salts.

Aromatherapy has been utilized by humans for thousands of years. Ancient communities in China, India, Egypt, and elsewhere infused resins, balms, and oils with fragrant plant components.

These natural chemicals have been utilized for medicinal and religious reasons throughout history. They were previously identified for their beneficial effects on physical and psychological well-being.

Although the Persians are credited with developing essential oil distillation in the eleventh century, it is possible that the process existed for a lengthy period before that. In the sixteenth century, Germany developed expertise in essential oil distillation.

In the nineteenth century, French doctors discovered the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

Throughout the nineteenth century, medical practitioners pioneered and specialized in the use of chemical medications. On the other hand, French and German physicians recognized the medicinal properties of natural plants.

René-Maurice Gattefossé, a French perfumer and chemist, created the word "aromatherapy" in 1937. He was completely aware of lavender's anti-burn benefits. The book dives into the therapeutic characteristics of essential oils in great detail.

Essential oils have a broad variety of uses. For example, include them into body lotions or carrier oils and apply topically. Consider using essential oils in a facial toner, shampoo, or conditioner.

Additionally, they may be included in liquid soap, toothpaste, and mouthwash. Additionally, the oils may be diffused, sprayed, or added to a bath.

Aromatherapy is generally considered to be a safe practice. On the other hand, essential oils may cause adverse reactions. Certain varieties may irritate the eyes, skin, and nasal mucous membranes. Furthermore, they may provoke temporary allergic responses.

Certain essential oils may have a detrimental impact on the kidneys and liver when eaten. Individuals seldom use essential oils orally, and you should avoid doing so unless directed otherwise by your physician. If you are unfamiliar with aromatherapy, see an aromatherapist or your physician.


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Young Living Essential Oils have long been recognized as the essential oil industry's market leader. Founded in 1993 and has grown to include offices in Japan, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Singapore in addition to its Lehi headquarters (Utah). Their business approach is multi-level marketing, or "MLM."

This refers to a revenue-sharing working model geared for people who want to build independent distributorships or consultancies. They then recruit friends, family, and others to accompany them shopping.

Each transaction generates revenue for the consultant, which must be recovered by the consumer through an increase in the price of oil.

Their essential oils are extracted using a revolutionary procedure called Seed to Seal. This is a regulatory system that governs the harvesting, growing, and distilling of the bulk of its oils.

On their farms situated across the globe, Young Living cultivates a range of plants. This allows Young Living to independently check compliance with specific standards of quality throughout the production process.

Young Living offers essential oils, diffusers, and auxiliary items, as well as nutritional supplements and personal care products. Their Thieves collection is particularly popular.

The essential oils sold by Young Living are among the most expensive on the market. You must decide if Young Living's high standards, ethical consideration, and organizational structure are what you want.

Young Living Essential Oils routinely receives high marks in independent peer reviews. As a consequence, they're often referred to as "the industry's finest."

In comparison to other essential oil companies, Young Living's quality standards and control (QSC) methods have been thoroughly explored, as has the distillation process for essential oil-based products.

While the QSCs of other essential oil companies may also be subject to stringent criteria and independent testing, Young Living Essential Oils is the only company that employs the patented Seed to Seal manufacturing process.

This distillation technique is exclusive to Young Living Essential Oils manufacturing.

Unlike other companies that create oils using a low-heat steam distillation technique and compression or cold pressing without adding any additives, Young Living oils are created using a gradual steam extraction method that effectively extracts the essential oils without introducing any harmful adulterants.


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doTERRA essential oils started operating in 2008 with a collection of healthcare and business experts, including former Young Living employees.

The founders were all well aware of essential oils' life-enhancing properties. According to their goal statement, they intend to "establish a new global standard for therapeutic-grade essential oils."

Their corporate headquarters are located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and they have offices located across the globe. They, too, are multi-level marketing (MLM) firms, similar to Young Living. There are wholesale and membership-based programs offered via doTERRA.

The purity and therapeutic grade (CPTG) of each product line of doTERRA essential oils are determined using the company's patented process. This refers to a technique that verifies the purity, potency, and consistency of a batch of medicine.

Regrettably, this is a common occurrence inside the firm. As a consequence, despite the term's allure, it falls short of being exhaustive.

To be clear, doTERRA essential oils are sourced from a worldwide network of merchants. Their worldwide botanical network spans 40 countries and includes growers and distillers.

doTERRA's customer service rules are detailed on their website. Source To You offers information ranging from oil suppliers to consumer bottle delivery. Additionally, this service provides enhanced results from gas chromatography/mass spectrometry.

doTERRA essential oils are formulated to enhance overall wellness and wellbeing. Along with pure oils, the firm distributes nutritional supplements, spa products, and other health-related items.


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Plant Therapy began in 2011 with the mission of giving affordable access to high-quality oils. They provide a diverse product line that includes single oils, mixes, sets, roll-ons, diffusers, carrier oils, and accessories. It is a one-stop shop for essential oils.

Additionally, when purchasing with Plant Therapy, you're likely to run across a terrific bargain or promotion. Keep an eye out for ads, promotions, and awards on their website.

Plant Therapy oils are subjected to rigorous third-party testing to confirm their purity. They promise their oils to be completely pure and of the highest quality possible.

Plant Therapy has a diverse product line. You can spoil yourself by buying here, with everything from single oils to blends, diffusers, carrier oils, and books. Additionally, they provide a line of organic essential oils, a children's line, and one for puppies and horses.

Additionally, Plant Therapy sells CBD oil, as well as a variety of other products such as home goods, personal care, and cosmetics. Additionally, if you enjoy creating your mixtures, you may purchase components such as beeswax pastilles or cocoa butter.

Plant Therapy oils are reasonably priced. Plant Therapy provides a 90-day money-back guarantee. If your purchase does not meet your expectations for any reason, you may return it for a complete refund.


Revive Essential Oils

REVIVE is a brand of essential oils that is relatively new. They provide a "Compare to MLMs" feature that allows you to easily compare your favorite MLM mix to REVIVE's alternatives.

The business is dedicated to the cultivation of pure essential oils. REVIVE delivers high-quality, responsibly derived essential oils. Additionally, they provide wildcrafted oils that are derived from harvested wild plant components rather than farm-grown plants. Finally, a limited range of USDA-certified oils is available.

REVIVE essential oils are derived through direct relationships with distillers, growers, and manufacturers. As such they do not establish their farms but work in partnership with indigenous craftspeople. On their website, they provide the GC/MS analytical results for each product batch.

The REVIVE essential oil collection consists of 93 single oils, 40 blends, 11 unique essential oil sets, and seven carrier oils. Additionally, they offer five CBD oils, three diffusers, and a few other accessories on their website, like glass bottles for your concoctions.

This provides a big collection that rivals that of any other respected essential oil brand currently available.

REVIVE's essential oils are reasonably priced. Not exorbitantly high, nor exorbitantly low. Without a doubt, it is a reputable, well-known brand with which I do business regularly.

The company sources its oils from a range of plants found across the world. A plant's natural habitat is an ideal environment for growth. REVIVE Cedarwood comes from Virginia, Brazil, Copaiba comes from Brazil, Cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka, Lemon comes from Italy, and so on.

REVIVE oils are fully composed of natural plant components that have been ethically sourced from a range of countries across the globe. They purchase oils solely for their exceptional fragrance qualities.

Additionally, customers like family-owned farms and small companies. The lives of these people are intrinsically tied to the land that sustains them.

REVIVE's website includes a section describing the nations each essential oil is from.


Rocky Mountain Oils

Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) offers a complete product range that includes USDA Certified Organic oils in a variety of forms. Orem, Utah is home to the company's headquarters. They have grown to become one of the most well-known essential oil companies since 2004.

If you value organic oils, Rocky Mountain Oils can aid you. Certain oils should have the USDA Certified Organic seal.

RMO not only sells pure essential oils but also a large choice of additional natural health goods via their online store. Skincare goods, cleaning materials, natural nutrition, and aromatherapy mixing equipment are all included in the collection.

The rates charged by Rocky Mountain Oils are rather affordable in relation to the quality given. Even when organic varieties are used, their costs remain lower than those of a multilevel marketing organization.

As a consequence, RMO lubricants are cost-effective for those just getting started yet need rock-solid quality.

RMO's goods are subjected to a variety of quality control and purity requirements. For instance, they send their oils to an independent third-party laboratory for quality/purity testing, and you can see the test results for the specific batch/bottle that you purchased online.

RMO's mission is to supply the general population with high-quality essential oils, carefully made mixes, and nutritional supplements at an affordable price.

When combined with their commitment to quality and affordability, this essential oil company may quickly become a favorite in your oil cabinet.

Additionally, RMO is expanding its product range with new oils, supplements, and purpose-built things to suit the most discerning customer while educating newcomers about the health advantages of essential oils.

As a consequence of the industry's growth, consumers now have a selection of essential oil businesses to pick from. While direct brand comparisons are difficult, they get exponentially more difficult when you have concerns about oil testing, oil purity, and the overall quality of the product you are purchasing.

You may be certain that Rocky Mountain Oils is dedicated to producing superior goods. Rocky Mountain Oils displays this dedication by releasing GC/MS test results from a third-party testing facility for each essential oil. 

Before assessment and delivery to consumers, GC/MS analysis verifies the quality and purity of essential oils, ensuring that you, the consumer, are consuming the purest oil available.


Edens Garden essential oils has been selling essential oils since 2009. They have been named the #1 Non-MLM Essential Oils Company for many years in a row by Dr. Pappas' Essential Oil University.

Edens Garden CEO Grace asserts that when she created the firm in San Clemente, California, she set out to "create a business that puts people first." This means that Edens Garden offers affordable essential oil products of the highest quality.

Edens Garden assures that each oil sent to a customer is 100% pure and of the highest quality. The E.D.E.N.S. (Effective, Devoted, Educated, Natural, and Safe) concept guides the production of Edens Garden (EG) essential oils. It is a corporate guarantee that no other oil brand provides.

Before bottling, all EG oils are batch tested. The oils are stored in a climate-controlled facility that receives minimal light. This maintains the therapeutic effects.

Edens Garden now offers over 150 different oil kinds! They are always launching new formulations, skincare, and cosmetics products. Edens Garden sells a variety of products, including bath salts, room sprays, hand sanitizer, and fragrance.

Edens Garden is a well-known essential oil brand. They have continuously been placed among the top ten best essential oil brands on our list. While there are several essential oil suppliers on the market today, only a few firms consistently outperform the competition.

Edens Garden has a wide variety of essential oils and associated products. They provide an extensive assortment of essential oils, carrier oils, and complementary goods, as well as gift bundles.

Frequently, your purchase will be subject to a discount or incentive. Due to the outstanding value of the gift bundles, these are my personal favorites. Additionally, they arrive in such gorgeous packaging!

Edens Garden has both single essential oils and mixes of essential oils. Synergies are concentrated essential oil mixes made for a specific purpose. For instance, preventing illness or enhancing mental health.

It is quite adaptable because of the large selection of oils and sets offered. Edens Garden is devoted to providing 100% pure, clean, and fresh oils at an affordable price. This means that essential oils may assist you regardless of your financial circumstances.


Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs is a brand that focuses on organic ingredients. They make a point of providing only the finest essential oils. Their whole product line is certified organic, and they operate under the principle "People and Planet First."

Mountain Rose Herbs also has many certifications and distinctions for the origin of its products, including one for its non-GMO campaign. By and large, this brand is making admirable strides toward more sustainability. If your view is similar, this is the company to support.

The product line of Mountain Rose Herbs (MRH) includes everything an aspiring aromatherapist might need. MRH offers a diverse selection of specialized oils and accessories. Mountain Rose Herbs essential oils are priced differently. Bear in mind that all oils are certified organic, which may account for the greater price.

Mountain Rose Herbs has earned several certifications, community participation programs, and accolades, including non-GMO project accreditation and recognition as one of Oregon's Best Green Businesses to Work For in 2013.

Mountain Rose Herbs earned Oregon's first Zero-Waste Certified Business in 2016 after an internal Zero Waste policy was established in 2007.

The certified organic essential oil selection of Mountain Rose Herb Company is one of the largest on the market today. Over 135 various essential oils are included in their product range! Whatever essential oil you're looking for, it's likely to be found here.

The essential oils used by Mountain Rose Herbs are purchased from renowned and trustworthy distillers who place a premium on organic and sustainable agriculture.

Their oils are made entirely of pure aromatic distillates produced from the purest essential oils available. By advocating for organic practices from the ground up, the company exemplifies the true "People and Planet First" philosophy.

Mountain Rose Herbs has also converted to 100 percent sustainable energy, including solar energy and participation in the GreenPower program offered by their local utility. In general, the Mountain Rose Herbs company has made significant contributions to ecologically sustainable business practices.


Jade Bloom

Jade Bloom Essential Oils is a family-owned business dedicated to "revolutionizing people's perceptions of health."

The most distinguishing aspect of Jade Bloom is its complementing essential oils university. It's an incredible program that includes monthly lectures and activities devoted to the knowledge of essential oils.

The essential oil products are 100 percent pure, and you may use this tool on their website to look for GC-MS data by batch number. Jade Bloom's essential oils are presented in stunning green glass bottles that set them apart from other essential oil wholesalers. The green coloring protects the oils' integrity and unique qualities from light damage.

Jade Bloom contains more than 130 distinct essential oils. This is a wonderful source to stock up on oils without a doubt. Additionally, the firm offers mixes, carrier oils, beginning kits, and roll-ons. Additionally, they provide a Sensitivity line designed specifically for those with sensitive skin, children, and the elderly.

You may benefit from Jade Bloom essential oils at an inexpensive price without sacrificing quality or testing methods. Additionally, by subscribing to the Jade Bloom newsletter, you'll be able to take advantage of unique deals that may result in extra savings.

The Jade Bloom University is an entirely free and entertaining online game in which you may spend HOURS studying essential oils and collecting imaginary points. Caution: You may unknowingly develop an addiction to JBU!

Jade Bloom's product range is diverse and aesthetically attractive. You'll learn how to utilize essential oils effectively and safely, but you'll also have the opportunity to experiment with new mixes and natural health products such as soaps, shampoos, and toothpaste.

Jade Bloom's glass bottles have been stained with their signature green-ish "jade" color, a deviation from the more traditional brown amber glass appearance.

Jade Bloom oils are obtained from a variety of plants found across the globe, depending on the raw component's natural source. Additionally, Jade Bloom receives its distillery's raw plants and seeds from organic, pesticide-free, and non-GMO farms.

Each batch of distilled oil is subjected to a battery of tests. The most often used kind of analysis is GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry). All test results are freely accessible on their website through the individual product pages or batch # search option. Making test findings publicly available is a key first step toward earning consumer confidence.



NOW essential oils provide a large selection of natural items at a reasonable price. NOW Essential Oils is a sub-brand of NOW Solutions. Under their corporate name, they manufacture and distribute around 1,400 natural meals, dietary supplements, and personal care products.

NOW oils are completely natural and pure. The corporation operates its full-facility laboratory and relies on third parties for testing only when necessary. Gas Chromatography (GC) and Infrared Spectroscopy are used to analyze their oils. However, since everything is controlled internally, there are some worries about accountability.

NOW oils are a line of essential oils that includes well over 100 oils. While it does not seem as if they are primarily focused on organic essential oils, a small percentage of the NOW oils collection is also USDA-certified organic.

Because NOW oils are so affordable, they are available to everyone. Additionally, they are accessible for purchase via Amazon, which simplifies and expedites the purchasing process.

The prices of NOW essential oils are comparable to those of other essential oil vendors. This is unsurprising, considering their scale and likely concurrent procurement of enormous quantities of raw resources.

NOW essential oils are meticulously produced from beginning to end. Quality has always been a priority in their organization. They search for the purest raw botanicals available, extract them methodically, and commit their efforts to produce the purest essential oils possible.

All NOW oils are 100% pure, natural, concentrated, and devoid of synthetic ingredients. Additionally, a majority of the essential oils sold under the NOW brand are certified organic. However, not all of NOW Foods' essential oils are certified organic; just those that are are.

Organic certification is required by the USDA for raw materials obtained from certified organic components. Soil devoid of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and herbicides Organic products are a tremendous hit with today's health and wellness shoppers.

Essential oils from NOW Foods are submitted to the same internal testing as the company's "Certified Organic" oils. 


[amazon fields=”B01G561QG4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Aura Cacia Essential Oils is a unique brand among essential oil firms on the market today due to their co-op structure (as a member of the Frontier Co-Op).

Aura Cacia is a well-known essential oil brand that is mostly available in pharmacies, drugstores, and large-scale retailers such as Target,, and (online only, not at Walmart stores).

As a result, members' ideas, aspirations, and objectives influence leadership decisions, establishing a sense of community and purpose. They began bottling essential oils in 1979 in response to merchant demand.

Aura Cacia essential oils are stored in amber glass vials to maintain their purity and distinguishing qualities. Furthermore, the essential oil products are pure and free of impurities such as bases, fillers, and chemicals.

I like how affordable Aura Cacia is without sacrificing quality or testing criteria. Consider that their bottles are 7.4 mL rather than the "normal" 10 mL when comparing prices.

While not all of their oils are certified organic, a select handful of them are. If you value organic products, make a point of acquiring them and ensuring they have the required "certified organic" label.

Aura Cacia products are made entirely of pure essential oils, ensuring that they give true aromatherapy benefits when used. The business is collaborative, with several owners and companies collaborating to create the brand's future.

Aura Cacia works directly with the manufacturers that provide their essential oil supply chain, creating relationships and establishing a shared knowledge of the degree of quality control necessary. Essential oil packages include instructional materials and instructions on how to utilize the oils appropriately.

Aura Cacia, like the rest of the Frontier Co-op, is devoted to social and environmental responsibility. To begin, this may bolster your trust while transacting with them over their website.

Additionally, via the brand's Positive Change Project, each purchase of an Aura Cacia product benefits organizations that help women in changing their lives. This annual award honors organizations that assist women and girls worldwide in overcoming barriers and improving their lives.

Aura Cacia is devoted to the highest quality and stewardship standards, which include the health and well-being of the environment, as well as the people who work on and consume their botanical products.

Aura Cacia's second guiding principle is sustainability, which encompasses the people and communities with whom they work, the environmental impact of botanical product manufacturing, and our collective holistic health.

Top 10 Best Essential Oil Brands Buyers Guide

Things To Consider When Buying Essential Oils

Numerous reputable, skilled, and trusted essential oil businesses exist. I propose that you get acquainted with an essential oil supplier before making a purchase. After all, you are entrusting them with your and your family's well-being.

The ideal essential oil brand for you may depend on several factors. What are your objectives while using essential oils? Are you searching for a large quantity or a little number of oils? What range of prices are you willing to accept for essential oils?

The FDA does not regulate the essential oil sector. This complicates comparative shopping. Certain essential oil producers claim that their goods are "therapeutic grade" or "100% pure". Other producers use a multitude of different phrases to refer to the same subject. Certain businesses expressly prohibit the use of any terms similar to this.

As a consequence, how can you tell whether the essential oils you're buying are of high quality? How can you be sure they're safe when used in your home, or around family members? When selecting a brand of essential oils, keep the following things in mind:

Quality Control

Chemically pure, essential oils are devoid of additives, synthetics, and chemicals. The majority of firms show this by submitting oils for testing to third-party labs for Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) analysis and a battery of subsequent chemical testing. Consumers may acquire the results of these tests from several trustworthy sources.

The source of the essential oils is the next step in verifying the quality of the product. Numerous plants require particular natural conditions for proper growth and maturation, and distinct farmers may face diverse producing situations.

To certify the purity and quality level of materials, the world's major oil firms often travel to inspect suppliers and distillers.


It is critical to determine who owns a certain brand of essential oils. We favor established businesses versus start-ups still finding out how to do things. Furthermore, a reputable essential oil firm will have approachable customer service personnel, which is critical for user satisfaction.

In the essential oil industry, peer evaluation is critical. You should aim to purchase from a reputable source, which is not always possible. Consider what others say about us.

Even better, are you aware of someone who would be willing to share their preferred brand of oil with you? Amazon is an excellent resource for reading user reviews and, if you’ve got the time, delving into star ratings. You can find out a tremendous lot!

Product Range

It's aggravating when an essential oil vendor does not have the essential oil you're seeking out. You should next check to see whether the firm also offers aromatherapy-related products, such as diffusers, carrier oils, or accessories.

Additionally, the most reputable organizations provide unique promotions and incentives, like early access to newly released products. It helps to make frequent purchases from a recognized brand!


Finally, but not least, how much do essential oils cost? It must be just! Certain oils are typically higher prices because their raw components are expensive. On the other hand, economical oils should not be too expensive.

Essential Oil Brands You Might Like

If you're seeking a reputable source of high-quality essential oils, consider our top essential oil productions companies. Their oils are 100% natural, highly concentrated, and non-toxic. When your package of essential oils turns up on your door, you're going to be pleased.

Brands differ in terms of quality and hygiene standards, business reputation, product diversity, and price; thus, select the company that is right for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your last-minute queries answered here!

Are Organic Essential Oils Better For You Than Other Oils?

"Essential oils" is a word that refers to extremely concentrated plant extracts. Organic agricultural practices require plant components to meet high quality and purity requirements before they can be labeled "certified organic."

As a result of the purity of the plant material components, organic essential oils should be more effective than their conventional equivalents.

What Are GC/MS Reports?

The abbreviation GC/MS refers to Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry. It is a scientific process used to determine the composition of a batch of oil.

It is used to ascertain the purity of essential oils and to assure that no synthetic additives, fillers, or other substances are present.

Top 10 Best Essential Oil Brands – Reviews & Comparisons

Final Thoughts

Our all-time favorite brand of essential oils is Plant Therapy. They provide outstanding value, particularly for those who are just beginning to start. You can get a package of ten oils for roughly $50! This practically invites you to explore with essential oils.

If you're searching for a lively, up-and-coming brand that can compete with more established brands, REVIVE essential oils are an excellent choice. Their oils are of the highest quality, are reasonably priced, and are quickly delivered. Anyone who is currently affiliated with a multi-level marketing organization like Young Living or doTERRA may find their blend comparison table particularly handy.

Thirdly, if your budget allows, we recommend Rocky Mountain Essential Oils. While they are somewhat more expensive than Plant Therapy and REVIVE, they are of unmatched quality and never fail to delight. You're going to like the mixtures, and their USDA Certified Organic oils are amazing!

Fourthly, Eden's Garden essential oils provide excellent starter kits that are simple to use and include useful oils. The costs of EG are reasonable, which is always a benefit. Their mixes are one-of-a-kind and quite popular.

Mountain Rose Herbs is our fifth favorite simply because they are committed to organics consistently. We like their corporate culture and are proud to be associated with such an extraordinary set of individuals! You'll discover a diverse selection of oils in their inventory: whatever you want or need, they're likely to have it on hand.

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