Summer Essential Oil Blends

Summer Essential Oil Blends

We associate summer with lighter times when we tend to let loose in the summer months taking time away from our regular routines. Whether that be on vacation or spending more time with the family.

We all have childhood memories of scents that remind us of summer, whether it be fresh-cut grass or citrus suncream.

What many don’t recognize is that the power of smell is strong. Different scents hold the properties and power to stimulate our cells and senses to completely change our mood and promote health benefits. 

There are so many different scents associated with summer that can be found in the form of essential oils to help you create the summer of your dreams.

Whether you’re looking to relax, unwind, or rekindle a spark in your relationship, we’ll share some of our favorite summer essential oils blends.

Citrus Blend

Sweet Orange  

Sweet oil is a great essential oil for getting you in the summer mood. The essential oil contains properties that work to reduce stress, boost mood and promote relaxation.

The summer is a time to recoup and enjoy life and the fruits of nature, sweet orange essential oil is a great way to do this, whether you add it to a diffuser to create a warm and spicy energy or add it to a moisturizer to bring a glow to your skin.

Paired with lemongrass essential oil, the soft and floral scent of the sweet orange is nicely paired with the mild zest of the lemongrass. 


Lemongrass is a great essential oil for aromatherapy due to its vibrant properties and mild zesty scent.

Lemongrass is most effective for reducing stress and relieving feelings of anxiety and depression due to its strong citrus scent which works to rebalance.

This oil can essentially be used for everything from applying to hair, skin, or spraying in a room.

In combination with sweet orange, the citrus blend provides a multitude of benefits from providing antibacterial properties, to keeping mosquitos at bay and easing inflammation from pesky summer allergies. 

How to blend:

  • 1 drop of lemongrass oil 
  • 2 drops of sweet orange oil

Relaxing Summer Blend


Lavender stands to be one of the most popular essential oils. It’s a great addition to creating a relaxing summer blend with its sweet, herbal scent.

The lavender essential oil contains anti-inflammatory properties and antibacterial properties. It is a great option if you’re looking to promote relaxation, ease symptoms of allergies, and reduce stress.

It can be sprayed in a room, applied to skin and hair routines, or gently massaged into the skin. 


Bergamot is another great essential oil for combating allergies with its strong and vivid scent.

It is commonly used to promote mood-boosting effects and reduce inflammation which is ideal for anyone prone to insect bites during the summer.

Though ideal for tackling allergies, bergamot can cause photosensitivity so it is best applied at night in order to avoid exposure to sunlight. Paired with lavender bergamot can be used as a room spray. 


Rosemary is another commonly used essential oil for aromatherapy. With a bold fragrance, it is effective for supporting several areas of the body.

Rosemary essential oil is best used for promoting cognitive stimulation which works to boost mood and increase concentration.

This is a great choice of essential oils if you’re battling with sluggishness during the summer heat. Rosemary is nicely accompanied with lavender essential oil as they balance each other out for increased focus and calm. 


Eucalyptus is one of the most effective essential oils for improving breathing.

Commonly used for aromatherapy, it is a great remedy for relieving congestion and opening the airways which are ideal for anyone who suffers from allergies during the summer months.

Eucalyptus is nicely combined with rosemary as both offer a strong yet relaxing minty and herb scent that is not overpowering. This is a great essential oil for using as a room spray to cleanse the air. 

How to blend: 

  • 2 drops of lavender oil 
  • 2 drops of bergamot oil
  • 1 drop of rosemary oil
  • 1 drop of eucalyptus oil

Refreshing Summer Blend


Like many other citrus essential oils, grapefruit oil contains a host of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It is a great essential oil for combating allergies, relieving stress, and balancing mood.

Grapefruit oil is recognized for its strong and bitter citrus scent, however, it is nicely paired with palmarosa to create a bold, refreshing, and floral fragrance that will bring the freshness and vibrancy of summer indoors. 


Palmarosa is a deliciously sweet and floral essential oil that brings the natural scent of summer to life. Palmarosa is a great oil to use to brighten and refresh a room as it works to sanitize and cleanse stagnant air.

Like grapefruit, palmarosa also contains great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which make it a great addition to a skincare routine as it has a stimulating effect on skin cells which work to improve circulation and cleanse the skin. 

How to blend: 

  • 2 drops of grapefruit oil 
  • 2 drops of palmarosa oil

Romantic Summer Blend


Jasmine is one of the sweetest floral scents renowned for its rich perfume aroma. Jasmine essential oil is often used to create luxury scents as it works to promote relaxation and has long been used to release stress and balance emotions.

Jasmine essential oil is great for using as a massage oil to create a spa-like atmosphere. It is also great for spraying in a room or adding to a bath to bring a little bit of romance.

To amp up the romance, jasmine is complemented by patchouli and ylang-ylang to create a succulent and rich scent. 


Patchouli essential oil offers a strong and distinct herbal aroma. Its fragrance is great for promoting relaxation and detoxification as it contains sweet, woody, and spicy notes that reflect everything we love about nature.

Patchouli is a perfect summer oil as it offers a strong but light scent that can be applied to the skin to create a natural perfume. Patchouli and jasmine work nicely together to create a sensual room spray. 


Ylang-Ylang is the perfect essential oil to use if you’re looking to spice things up.

Historically used as a natural remedy for increasing sexual desire, Ylang-Ylang essential oil is said to have significant mood-boosting effects that work to reduce sexual anxiety.

These properties along with its delicate but distinctive floral scent make for the perfect combination. Ylang-Ylang is nicely paired with jasmine for a light and enchanting fragrance.

How to blend: 

  • 2 drops of jasmine oil
  • 1 drop of patchouli oil 
  • 2 drops of ylang-ylang oil 

Final Thoughts 

Each essential oil presented contains its own unique properties and distinctive scent.

You may have already heard of these oils, but blended in the combinations we’ve shared, these essential oils can transform your space and your body.

From essential oils that work to combat common summer allergies such as hay fever to essential oils that ward away mosquitos and essential oils that bring the outdoors in, the potential blend variations are endless.

These essential oils blends can be used in a multitude of ways by either adding them to a diffuser, making them into a room spray, or massaging them into your skin.

However, be sure that if you are looking to use the oils for skin application, you apply a base oil first, and perform a patch test. 

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