REVIVE Essential Oils: Read This Before You Buy!

There are so many essential oils on the health and wellness market these days that it can be difficult to separate high-quality products from less desirable purchases. 

Luckily, we’re here to provide reviews of the biggest and most interesting essential oils companies, so you can confidently decide where to spend your hard-earned money. 

REVIVE is a relatively new essential oil manufacturer, but the company has already made a big impression.

This company prides itself on providing direct-to-consumer service which is more affordable than many of the bigger brands. 

Bearing that in mind, we’re going to be reviewing REVIVE ourselves today to see how this brand compares to some of the big names on the market in terms of quality and customer service.

By the end of this review, you’ll know whether REVIVE is the essential oil provider for you!

All About REVIVE Essential Oils 

Before we proceed any further with the product review, let’s pause to find out more about REVIVE as a company. 

REVIVE is a San Francisco-based manufacturer founded recently by Alexandria George. The company’s major selling point, aside from its affordable prices, is the fact that it sources many of its ingredients for essential oils from the United States, using ethical methods. 

The idea behind REVIVE came from the founder’s assessment of MLM brands that they had purchased essential oils from.

George noticed that these oils were very expensive and realized that the cost of the oils could be minimized by cutting out the middleman in the sales process. 

Thanks to this, REVIVE is able to produce high-quality essential oils at a fraction of the typical MLM prices.

The Best Essential Oils From REVIVE 

Spoiler alert: all of the essential oils from REVIVE are great, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t have a few personal favorites of our own. 

Here are some of our top-rated essential oils from REVIVE: 

REVIVE Lavender 

REVIVE Lavender is one of the best essential oils you can purchase if you’re looking for a natural way to soothe anxiety and induce relaxation. 

You can purchase REVIVE Lavender in small, 10 ml bottles, which you can get for a discounted price through a subscription.

The 10 ml bottle can also be selected with a roll-on applicator, or alternatively, there is a 30 ml bottle. 

Just a few drops of REVIVE Lavender are effective for inducing a relaxed, sleepy state, allowing your mind and body to unwind as you settle down for the night.

Other positive effects of this essential oil include the lowering of anxiety and stress levels. As a result, you may find that your blood pressure is lowered.

The lavender oil may also relieve migraines and headaches (especially when combined with REVIVE Peppermint). 

It is safe to apply this oil directly onto the skin for improved dermatological health. It can also be applied to minor injuries such as cuts, burns, and even sunburns, as long as you mix the oil with coconut oil first. 

Lavender essential oil is known to promote healthy hair growth, so you could also try adding a drop of this oil to your chosen shampoo during each wash. 

This is a very potent, sweet-smelling oil that will help your home and laundry smell great regardless of any other specific reasons you have for diffusing or applying it. 

REVIVE Immunity Boost 

The Immunity Boost oil from REVIVE is one of the brand’s most popular products and for very good reason! 

Available in 10 ml and 30 ml bottles, REVIVE Immunity Boost is a very versatile product that has many benefits and many application methods. 

The first thing you’ll notice about REVIVE Immunity Boost is that it smells invigorating and refreshing. It’s made from rosemary, lemon, cinnamon, cloves, and eucalyptus, so you’ll definitely know when this oil is diffusing in your home! 

REVIVE Immunity Boost is potent enough to be used as a cleaning agent for certain surfaces. It’s also effective when purifying the air in your environment and ultimately boosting immune function. 

If you simply want to cleanse the air around you, you can diffuse this oil to mask strong odors and make the room feel fresh.

6 to 8 drops will produce a cozy effect. You could also use this oil to neutralize odors in your dishwasher by adding some drops to the dishwasher. 

When mixed with water, REVIVE Immunity Boost is an effective surface cleaner. However, it can also be ingested with a cup of warm water and some honey, or applied to the soles of the feet mixed with a carrier oil for a boost of immunity. 

REVIVE Starter Kit 

If you’re not sure which REVIVE essential oil to try first, why not invest in the REVIVE Starter Kit?

This kit contains 10 bottles, each containing 10 ml of essential oil. The oils included in the kit are Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon, Peppermint, Frankincense, Immunity Boost, Purify, Breathe Air, Stress Easy, and Sleep. 

Lavender, as we have already discussed, is great for sleep and relaxation. For this reason, it is one of the main ingredients in the Sleep and Stress Easy essential oils. 

REVIVE Lemon can be used for purifying, cleansing, and boosting energy. Lemon essential oil also features in the Immunity Boost and Breathe Air blends. 

Peppermint is a popular essential oil, but REVIVE’s pure and cleanly-distilled formula is especially effective at lifting energy levels and promoting digestive and respiratory health.

Peppermint oil is also used in REVIVE’s Breathe Air formula. 

REVIVE’s Tea Tree oil is a natural skin cleanser that may help to manage skin irritation and boost immunity. Tea Tree oil is listed as an ingredient in the Breathe Air and Purify essential oils. 

Frankincense is one of the most popular and traditional oils produced by REVIVE. It is beneficial for the skin and immune system and also induces relaxation through its scent. 

Other Products By REVIVE Essential Oils 

Although we’ve talked in-depth about our favorite essential oil products from REVIVE, the brand has a lot more to offer, and all of it is high-quality. 

Before we review how REVIVE essential oils are made and what makes them such high-quality oils, let’s explore some of the other products we haven’t discussed yet. 

CBD Essential Oils 

One product that REVIVE used to carry, but no longer does, is CBD essential oil. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the primary active ingredients in cannabis.

However, unlike THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD does not alter the user’s mental state. 

Instead, CBD has been known to help relieve physical pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and manage the symptoms of depression.

It has also been used in the treatment of cancer patients, people with diabetes, and individuals with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s. CBD can also be used to treat stress and anxiety in pets. 

At one time, REVIVE had a range of CBD oils in a variety of flavors, such as CBD Chocolate Mint. 

It is not clear whether REVIVE’s production of CBD essential oils has ceased permanently or temporarily, but if CBD oils are something you might be interested in, keep an eye on REVIVE’s website and social media as they may still bring back the range. 

Carrier Essential Oils 

In our reviews of our favorite essential oils from REVIVE, we mentioned that some oils can be applied to the skin when using a carrier oil. 

REVIVE has a range of carrier oils available to purchase. These carrier oils are used for the topical application of essential oils, and they help to dilute the oil while ‘carrying’ it into the skin. 

If you’re planning to apply any essential oils to your skin, it’s important to apply a carrier oil at the same time. Sometimes, coconut oil can be acceptable, but you should verify this with the manufacturer before use. 

Luckily, REVIVE has plenty of carrier oils for you to choose from, including Coconut, Evening Primrose, Jojoba, Castor, Argan, and Grapeseed. 

Essential Oil Blends 

We briefly touched on some of the essential oil blends that are included with the REVIVE starter kit, but there are so many more blends available on the brand’s website!

The essential oil blends provided by REVIVE are largely based on what other big brands have been offering.

This means that if you have a favorite essential oil blend from a brand like doTerra, you’ll find something similar at REVIVE for a lower price. 

Examples of the kinds of essential oil blends sold by REVIVE include Alleviate, Allergy Relief, Bright Future, Concentrate, Dreamer, Headache Relief, Joy, Love and Romance, Nectar Blast, Soothe, Tropical Paradise, and Zen. And that’s only a small fraction of the blends on offer! 


This may not technically be a product on its own, but we have to take a moment to appreciate the packaging from REVIVE! 

The essential oils come packaged in a cardboard box with a navy blue exterior. There’s a cute little heart in the corner of each box, but more importantly, all cardboard used in the packaging is recyclable and sustainable. There is no unnecessary plastic packaging. 

REVIVE’s bottles feature a minimalist design. They are made of amber-brown colored glass and they have simple labels with the name of the oil or blend printed on a rectangle in a corresponding color. It’s simple and classic. 

REVIVE Essential Oils Quality 

Selectively Sourced 

One of the biggest reasons why REVIVE essential oils are of such high quality is that the sourcing of all ingredients used in the oils is incredibly selective, as well as highly responsible. 

While REVIVE sources its ingredients worldwide, the company makes a concerted effort to source as many ingredients as possible directly from the United States, minimizing the business’ carbon footprint. 

In the name of quality, where an ingredient cannot be sourced locally, REVIVE sources ingredients from countries such as France, Australia, and Mexico.

For example, France is where REVIVE gets its supply of Thyme from, while all limes uses in REVIVE oils come from Mexico. 

If you’re somebody who is very conscious of where they source their food and products from, you can actually find information about the origin of each individual essential oil on REVIVE’s website

REVIVE avoids sourcing its ingredients from countries where the use of pesticides on crops threatens the quality of the product. 

Additionally, REVIVE prioritizes small, local farmers when selecting the ingredients for their oils, supporting small businesses and their surrounding economies. 

Carefully Tested 

All essential oils from REVIVE are tested to the highest standards in order to ensure top quality. The oils are tested for purity, which helps to eliminate the potential health risks of using essential oils made with synthetic ingredients. 

This is part of what sets REVIVE apart from other affordable essential oils companies. With other affordable brands, the low price point of the product is reflective of the use of cheap ingredients.

Testing proves that this isn’t the case with essential oils from REVIVE. 

Testing of REVIVE’s products takes place in Dr. Pappa’s laboratory. Dr. Pappa is a well-known biochemist who uses some of the latest technology in the field to assess the purity and quality of essential oils. 

Dr. Pappa reviews essential oils brands without bias, and you can trust that the test results are more than satisfactory because REVIVE publishes the reports on their website for their customers to see for themselves. 

Steam Distillation 

It’s not just the selective sourcing and quality testing that make REVIVE essential oils stand out. REVIVE uses one of the cleanest distillation processes to extract oil from its ingredients: steam distillation. 

Steam distillation is a process where ingredients are macerated and then boiled in very hot water. The stream produced contains the oils that the heat and water have extracted from the ingredients.

The condensation of the steam is a mixture of water and essential oils, which is basically what essential oils are supposed to be! 

Over time, the oil separates from the water so that it can be easily identified and bottled. This is the best way to get clean and pure essential oils. 

Almost all of REVIVE’s oils are made using steam distillation. The only exceptions are the citrus oils, which are made through cold press distillation. This is where the citrus rinds are literally pressed to extract the oils directly. 

REVIVE Essential Oils Customer Service 

Because REVIVE is not a very large company at this point, potential customers might mistakenly assume that the brand’s customer service won’t be as efficient and helpful as bigger manufacturers. 

If you’ve been thinking about buying REVIVE essential oils, the good news is that the company’s customer service is excellent.

Not only do customers leave interactions with the customer service team feeling positive about the process, but REVIVE’s shipping policy is better than most essential oil brands. 

The shipping policy offered by REVIVE allows all customers worldwide to enjoy free shipping. For the U.S.A and Canada, this free shipping policy is standard, but even elsewhere in the world, you just need to meet a minimum order requirement to get the shipping for free. 

In the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied with the essential oils you receive from REVIVE, the company has a policy to cover that.

If you need to return your oils, you can benefit from REVIVE’s 100% money-back guarantee, complete with free return shipping. This applies even if you have already opened the bottle! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is REVIVE Essential Oils A legitimate Company?

Yes, we can confirm that REVIVE is a legitimate and reputable essential oils company. Not only that, but despite their reasonable prices, REVIVE essential oils are some of the highest-quality oils on the market right now. 

In addition to using REVIVE products as traditional essential oils, some specified REVIVE oils can also be applied topically or ingested safely.

You can trust that all REVIVE oils are free from synthetic ingredients, fillers, additives, and adulterants. They also have not been diluted in any way. 

How Does REVIVE Compare To DoTerra?

One of the major essential oils brand names you’ve probably heard of is doTerra. doTerra has a great reputation, so how does REVIVE compare?

In terms of quality, REVIVE matches doTerra, and may even surpass them with some products.

They go through the same rigorous testing and provide customers with access to all the important information regarding their ingredients and testing methods. 

The main difference between doTerra and REVIVE is the price. REVIVE is far more affordable for similar quality, so if you don’t have the extra money to spare, you definitely won’t regret choosing REVIVE. 

Are REVIVE Essential Oils Safe To Ingest?

While some REVIVE essential oils are safe to ingest, this is not the case for all products by this brand. Examples of REVIVE oils that can be ingested include grapefruit, lavender, ginger, and carrot seed.

Always read the label for advice about the safe use of essential oils and never ingest or topically apply an essential oil until you are absolutely sure it is safe to do so. 


To summarize our review of REVIVE essential oils, this is a small but fast-growing brand selling some of the highest-quality essential oils at a fraction of the usual big brand prices. 

REVIVE uses steam and cold press distillation to create the purest essential oils before selling them at affordable prices. They do this by cutting out the middleman and gaining an advantage over MLM brands. 

REVIVE’s products are classic and mirror what large brands have been providing for a long time. The main difference is the incredible pricing, complete with great shipping and money-back policies. 

If you’re looking for an essential oil brand to support, we recommend REVIVE.

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