REVIVE Essential Oils – Are They As Good As doTerra Or Young Living?

Are essential oils worth investing in? There are hundreds of brands out there claiming to sell high-quality oils.

How do you choose between them?

Essential oils are natural plant extracts that contain volatile compounds called terpenes. These oils are extracted from plants using steam distillation, cold pressing, solvent extraction, or CO2 extraction.

There are two main types of essential oil: therapeutic grade and culinary grade. Therapeutic grade oils are produced under strict guidelines and are intended for medicinal purposes.

Culinary-grade oils are produced for cooking and aromatherapy.

Are REVIVE essential oils worth investing in? And are they as good as doTerra or young living?

We’re going to answer this question today and more, for you to find out as much information as possible about the brands and which is truly the best option to go for.

REVIVE Essential Oils Brand Review

Revive is actually a rather new essential oils company on the market right now.

They haven’t been around for a long time so are more equipped to be experimental and find exactly what people want from the industry sector’s product lines.

They’re also an easy switch from companies like doTerra and Young Living as these are ultimately MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies.

Revive is becoming a go-to brand for specific reasons, and some of these reasons fall under the pure oil quality factors, their fun company culture, and their fair pricing!

So, let’s get into why Revive is exactly what you need for your essential oil purposes and what the best thing about the brand is!


Revive Essential Oils is owned and operated by the George Family. Its mission is to provide high-quality essential oils for people who want to live naturally.

Alexandria George, CEO, and the George Family, indeed, can proudly say that they are working very hard to make sure that everyone gets to enjoy the benefits of essential oils.

Their essential oils all have great smells, and that is something that most companies struggle to achieve.

Revive does not use multi-level marketing tactics, so they can offer these products at fair prices. Everyone deserves to live naturally!

Achieving essential oils that smell fantastic is actually harder than you think, because their quality and aroma come straight from the freshest plants.

Revive has gone above and beyond to source their plants for your pleasure.

Revive was founded by a husband and wife team who decided to start up their own business venture together.

The founders have both worked in the essential oil industry for many years, and they were looking for something different when it came to starting their own business.

When the company was founded, Jason Wittenberg had over 15 years of experience within the essential oil industry.

He’s worked with leading researchers across the world and has helped create the most advanced methods of extracting essential oils.

They’re all about the customer experience and making sure you have a positive one. This includes things such as offering great products, having awesome branding, and providing outstanding customer service.

Best Essential Oils

If you’ve been wondering for a while where to buy high quality essential oils, you really do not have to look very far!

However, you must be careful when purchasing oils on the market, because many of these oils can be heavily contaminated with synthetic chemicals.

When buying essential oils, you want to get your hands on products that are 100% safe for you to use on your own skin and body.

So, make sure that you’re not purchasing anything that you think to be natural that ends up being completely synthetic.

The key thing to look out for is the purity of the oils – are they safe and effective?

Pure essential oils allow you to get the full benefits from the plants used to make them, they can support you and their qualities and properties can revive you.

Just remember that usually you’ll get what you pay for, and essential oils are no exception to this rule!

What Are You Looking For When Buying Essential Oils?

Essential oils are very powerful and should be used carefully. Companies that make essential oils must take certain steps to ensure the purity of their products.

These companies must also make sure that the oil they sell is safe for use on humans.

How do you really know if the essential oils you’re buying are pure? How do you know they’re worth using on you and your family?

Pure essential oils have soothing properties that help to revive you and your family in a completely natural way.

To get the best essential oils, find out if the company you’re looking into purchasing from takes certain precautions to ensure the quality of their essential oils is up to standard.

Where exactly do they source their oils from? Do they test their oils for contamination? Do they show their customers how to use these oils in the safest way? And do they use third-party testing?


REVIVE Essential Oils - Are They As Good As doTerra Or Young Living?

DoTerra oils are made by hand. There are no additives, fillers, or other impurities.

Each batch of doTerra oils goes through a rigorous testing process. Once they are tested, they are sent to an independent third-party laboratory for additional testing and verification.

Where Do doTerra Essential Oils Come From?

DoTerra makes sure that every oil sold is responsibly sourced. DoTerra focuses on ensuring that high-quality essential oils are produced, regardless of the cost.

DoTerra creates opportunities for people in developing countries to earn an income while protecting the environment.

They make it a top priority to protect the environment they source from, and the treatment of the harvesters and growers who work for them.

They help to generate jobs to reduce poverty in the areas where they source their ingredients and plants, creating sustainable jobs for their harvesters.

Furthermore, they also provide fair and on-time payments to their workers to maintain consistency in loyalty and provide them with affordable living wages.

As a company, they also sustain long-term partnerships to provide annual contracts with growers and distillers based on respect and solidarity alone.

Their building suppliers support farmers, and distillers through training support as well as financial support.

They also promote cooperatives to guarantee respect amongst their employees and protect their rights.

It’s extremely important for any company, especially one that sources from farms abroad, to keep track of their priorities and ensure the safety and care of the workers harvesting for them.

At the end of the day, it’s about basic human rights, and any company that does not meet these standards, should not be bought from or distilling their own products.

So, does Revive meet the same standards as doTerra? Yes! So, you can be assured that you’re purchasing from a loyal and respectful company when you buy Revive essential oils.

Young Living

Young Living is actually considered to be a world leader in terms of the essential oil market.

However, in 2020, it was recommended they stop claiming their products to be “therapeutic grade”, as they did not have the requisite scientific support to support the claims.

Overall, their products are of good quality, however, their attention to details in such areas as the ingredients and where they are harvested, is not up to standard compared to Revive.

What’s The Best Thing About REVIVE?

Well, their quality is truly like no other brand out there. Their products are either organic, or wild crafted, and the plants have been grown, harvested, and distilled with the ultimate best practices in mind at all times.

Revive sources their oils from plants around the entire planet to find the best quality plants out there!

The cedar wood that the company uses comes straight from Virginia in the United States, their lemons come from Italy, their cinnamon from Ceylon, and their Copaiba is from Brazil!

They truly do source their ingredients and plants straight from where they grow to bring out the best in them, to provide you with an award-winning experience.

They offer 6 main certified organic essential oils for their customers to choose from, including Lavender, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Tea tree, Peppermint, and Frankincense.

They bottle these essential oils in the United States alone, making them a truly loyal company to their American heritage.

What is REVIVE’s Oil Quality?

REVIVE Essential Oils - Are They As Good As doTerra Or Young Living?

Pure therapeutic grade essential oils are a little controversial because they aren’t regulated by the FDA. There is no governing organization that regulates the labeling of essential oils.

Essential oils are not classified as drugs or medicines, so there is no standard definition for how pure an essential oil needs to be for it to be considered therapeutic grade.

The best quality assurance you can ask for is to look into the company’s full oil sourcing cycle.

Revive oils Essential oil quality starts at the land, at the farms where the plant materials are grown. If you want a great quality essential oil, you need to buy from farmers who take care of the plants with respect.

Quality control continues during the harvest collection, all the way through to the distillation and bottling process.

We check all of these areas of what a brand does before recommending the essential oil to you to buy.

They source their oils from reputable suppliers, do third party lab testing, and bottle their products in the US.

How Does REVIVE Source Their Oils?

There are many kinds of Eucalyptuses. Some are grown in Australia, some in other parts of the world. Some are grown organically, and others aren’t.

Most have been tested for pesticides, others haven’t. Some are grown by farmers who care about the environment, some aren’t. Some are grown in the US, some aren’t.

It’s all about answering these questions when obtaining the best quality products possible.

On their website, Revive has a page where you can see which essential oil comes from which source country.

We love seeing Peppermint sourced from right within the United States, and not countries like India or China that tend to have (accidental or intentional) impurities in popular oils like Peppermint.

Essential oils are also guaranteed to be pesticide-free due to their sourcing from organic or wild-crafted sources. Revive also offers six essential oils that are USDA-certified organic.


Steam distillation is a process used to extract essential oils from plants. Revive uses this method to make all of its essential oils.

They source raw materials from farms around the world, and their sourcing partners take care of the distillation process.

They’re proud to be transparent about their distillation methods on their FAQ page.


Revive essential oil company tests every batch of oils before they are bottled. The company verifies the purity, strength, and quality of the oils.

The company uses 19 different tests to ensure the highest quality. If a batch of oil doesn’t pass these tests, the company rejects the batch and does not sell it.

Revive’s oil tests are publically available on their website.

Are REVIVE Oils Pure?

Revive essential oils are 100% natural and do not contain any synthetic fragrance oils or odor-enhancing chemicals. They also do not contain any synthetic aroma chemicals.

The employees of this company use essential oils every day, and even use them for their children and in their homes, so the quality must be up to an adequate standard before they can even consider selling them.

Revive is a company of real oil users. They offer third-party testing on their website and provide transparency about where they get their oils.

Product Line-Up

Revive Essential Oils offers a wide range of products to help people improve their lives.

They offer three levels of kits: Starter Kits (3-Oil), Full Aromatherapy Kits (Diffuser/Roll-Ons), and Complete Aromatherapy Kits.

Each kit comes with a variety of essential oils. All the essential oils come from organic farms.

There are 40 blends for everyday uses, including “Bugs Away”, “Breathe Easy” and “Sleep”.

These blends have been certified as 100% safe to use and as they should be, that’s exactly what we want out of our essential oils!

They have 27 roll-on sprays for various purposes such as “Stress Easy”, “Women’s Balance” and “Ache Away”.

Making this company a truly diverse brand for the number of health care products infused with their fabulous essential oils.

Revive also stocks five CBD oils including CBD pets, CBD mind, CBD chocolate mint, CBD extra strength, and CBD extra strength chocolate mint.

CBD oils are great for many stress-related symptoms such as extreme anxiety and panic disorders, they help to calm down the intensity of your symptoms without harming your body in any way or making you feel like you’re not in control.

It’s a subtle effect through essential oils that you want to obtain, and Revive has got you covered at all times!

There are seven carrier oils including argon, sweet almond, jojoba, coconut, grape seed, rose-hip, and hemp seed.

These oils are inclusive to everyone’s tastes in aromas, so there is definitely a smell for you in this list for your essential oils.

There are no other aromatherapy products, such as essential oil jewelry or fragrances, body lotion, or natural cleaning products included in this line. So, that could be considered a negative thing about the brand.

However, they do have a large range of essential oils available, you just have to find out what you want to use your essential oils for.

What Are the Synthetics, Fillers, or Fragrances That Spoil Essential Oils?

So, we are aware that 100% pure grade essential oils smell fantastic, and they can provide you with benefits both physically and mentally through therapeutic uses.

These oils can also be effective alternatives to conventional insect repellents.

Using these oils on your hair can help to soften the strands and offer softening effects you may not get from any other products.

They can also make for amazing skin moisturizers to help rejuvenate rashes, eczema, psoriasis, migraines, tension, and stress.

However, there are some therapeutic essential oil brands that are not completely trustworthy because of the looseness to the loyalty behind “therapeutic”.

Sometimes, synthetic and fragrances are used to produce therapeutic essential oils, as a result, this spoils them.

Although not all brands use these ingredients, just some are known to contain them.

Many people don’t notice when these synthetic ingredients have been used in their products until they turn the bottle around and read the ingredients list thoroughly.

Cleaning products, laundry products, and colognes are among the products that can sometimes contain harmful or dishonest ingredients lists.

Do make sure that the products you are buying are 100% natural and are true essential oils to prevent any unlawful products from making their way into your home.

Some of the toxins that can be included in essential oils when synthetics slip through are benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, sulfates, phthalates, and propylene glycol.

For example, manufacturers of these synthetic toxins add them to help the airborne fragrances turn sticky so that they can cling to your hair and skin.

Making the smell consistent for hours, days, weeks, and even months after application.

Have you ever found your perfume sticking to your clothing for weeks at a time after you last applied it? This could be the reason.

What makes Revive so special, is that they maintain the level of standard that prevents these toxins from slipping through into their products. Making Revival 100% natural above all else.

Do All Essential Oil Manufacturers Accurately Report Quality?

Essential oils are very important because they contain different chemical compounds that are beneficial to our health.

However, we need to be careful when buying them, and know what we’re looking for.

There are many ways to test and measure the purity of essential oil. GC/MS is the most common method used for this purpose.

GC-MS is used to measure the chemical composition of essential oil. It plots the chemical compounds on a graph.

Essential oils are heated to reach a certain temperature before being injected into a gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC-MS).

Components of the essential oil are separated based on their volatility, and then detected using a mass spectrometer.

Are Any Essential Oils Brands Considered a Leader In Quality And Purity?

DoTerra is a reliable source of high-quality essential oils. Their products are CPTG certified, and they use the cold-pressing method to extract their oils.

Their company uses steam distillation to extract the most important compounds from the highest quality plant sources. They offer a wide variety of oils for various purposes.

They are very similar in quality, in fact almost identical to Revive’s level of standards. Making both companies fantastic at providing quality essential oils.

In conclusion, 100% pure grade essential oil is considered one of the most important health-promoting products.

However, it is necessary to ensure that the essential oil you are buying is 100% pure and quality so that you will be able to enjoy all the health benefits.

Can I use REVIVE Essential Oils Internally?

REVIVE essential oils can be used internally without any side effects.

Many people like to have the option to use them internally for many reasons, so essential oil food recipes are the latest trend online.

Specific oils from the Revive product line actually are 100% safe for internal use through teas, and superfood recipes.

That being said, the internal use of essential oils is not something we would personally advocate for, because it’s hard to say if any oil is 100% safe to ingest. So, use them at your own risk if ingesting internally.

A better way to get the best use out of these oils is to mix them with a carrier oil to create a blend of sorts of organic oils to satisfy your particular care requirements.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Revive is a fantastic company, their essential oils have been proven to be safe for you to use.

As well as sticking to company promises and aims, they look after their workers, staff, and products to give you the experience you deserve from using their natural oils.

If their oils did not meet any of these standards, it would simply put you off buying them, right?

They don’t want that to happen, and neither should any other large essential oil company.

The quality is what matters, and Revive recognized this from the very beginning of its founding to maintain a trustworthy and incredible essential oils brand.

We recommend trying out the Lavender oil first to see if you like using essential oils.

This oil is one of the best types because of its properties in relieving anxiety, calmness, and mindfulness within the body and mind.

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