Happy Essential Oil Blend

Happy Essential Oil Blend

You know those days when you’re feeling down and nothing is quite right…It can be difficult to get out of that hole. 

Natural essential oils have long been used across the world as a natural remedy to boost mood, promoting positivity, and increasing overall happiness.

They continue to be popularly used for aromatherapy and therapeutic use. However, with so many different types of essential oils available, it’s difficult to know which works best for promoting happiness. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you! This article shares some of the most amazing essential oil blends that work to significantly reduce stress, tension and promote overall happiness. 

Blend For Positive Energy And Increased Self-Esteem 


If you’re looking for a burst of positive energy without overloading your body with coffee, lemon essential oil is a great alternative for boosting mood and ultimately improving your confidence and self-esteem.

Lemon oil is a popular citrus oil not only for its strong distinctive scent but because of its beneficial chemical makeup.

Lemon essential oil is effective in improving your overall mood by stimulating the senses and purifying and cleansing your space. It’s best used by applying it to the skin or adding it to a diffuser or room spray.


Lemon essential oil is perfectly paired with peppermint oil. Peppermint oil works in a similar way to lemon oil as it works to invigorate the body and mind.

Its strong and distinct aroma is cool and refreshing which works to remove stagnant and negative energy. In doing so, it promotes mental clarity and leaves you feeling brighter, happier, and more positive.

The blend of the cool peppermint oil with zesty lemon will really revive your spirit and create more positive energy. 

Blend For Grounding  


Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular oils used for aromatherapy.

With its strong but not overpowering floral fragrance, lavender is recognized for its ability to promote calm and bring grounding energy.

Lavender has been shown to have natural sedative effects which are effective in producing a clearing and uplifting effect that works to boost mood and promote grounded energy.

This is a great essential oil to use for anyone who is easily overwhelmed and requires a little extra help to restore clarity and positivity. 

Sweet Orange 

Sweet orange essential oil is a great oil for promoting a grounded and uplifting mood. Like lemon, the citrus and sweet scent of the sweet orange oil are great for getting you back in touch with the scents of nature.

The sweet orange essential oil has long been used for aromatherapy and meditation to bring about spiritual warmth due to its warm and nourishing properties.

Sweet orange works well with lavender as they work to promote relaxation and mental clarity to enable you to focus and maintain positivity. 


Cypress consists of a unique, earthy, and woody scent that brings you right back down to earth.

Cypress essential oil is recognized for its ability to rebalance emotions and provide uplifting energy in times of sadness as it is known for stimulating positive thoughts.

The effects of cypress essential oil are perfectly combined with sweet orange and lavender to create a blend that works to stimulate positivity by clearing the mind to restore balance. 

Blend For Mental Clarity And Creativity 


Grapefruit oil stands to be one of the most stimulating fragrances. With its strong bitter and zesty scent, it is classed as one of the best essential oils for brightening your mood with its vibrant and fresh qualities.

Grapefruit essential oil for cleansing and stimulating both the mind and body as it works to cleanse you both physically and emotionally.

Grapefruit essential oil has long been used for aromatherapy to disperse negative energy. Whether you apply grapefruit oil to the skin or add it to a diffuser, you’re bound to feel better and brighter afterward. 


Lime oil is one of the most refreshing and stimulating essential oils around with a bold, sharp, and zesty fragrance.

Lime essential oil is known for its mood-boosting effects as it is recognized as an effective source for boosting positivity. Lime is great for dispersing negative energy and removing mental fatigue.

In doing so, it promotes mental clarity and stimulation which is perfect for improving cognitive functions of creativity.

A combination of citrus fruit essential oils such as grapefruit and lime work to create a refreshing and invigorating scent that effectively evokes happiness and inspires creativity. 

Blend For Uplift And Invigorating Energy 

Ylang ylang 

Ylang ylang is widely recognized for its effectiveness in uplifting mood and invigorating energy. Ylang ylang essential oil produces a strong yet delicate sweet floral scent that promotes an instant sense of calm.

Ylang ylang has been shown to have significant uplifting effects by working to calm a rapid heart rate which reduces anxiety, promotes mental clarity, and ultimately creates an overall positive mood.

Ylang ylang is a popular scent used for aromatherapy as it is effective in helping those who suffer from anxiety, and panic attacks as it contains significant nervine properties that work to regulate the body’s responses. 


Eucalyptus essential oil is great for mental rejuvenation and clearing stagnant energy. Eucalyptus, like Ylang ylang, has been shown to have significant effects on enhancing mood, relieving stress, and boosting energy levels.

Eucalyptus consists of a strong and refreshing scent that is great for clearing the sinuses, in doing so, it effectively stimulates receptors and works to boost focus.

Eucalyptus oil works really well with Ylang ylang to help to clear away negative energy to create space for a more positive and energized you.

This blend of essential oils works best when they are applied to the skin on the wrist or added to a diffuser. 

Blend For Stress Relief 


Jasmine oil has long been used for therapeutic purposes due to the unique properties it contains. Jasmine oil stands to hold natural stimulating effects that may be effective in reducing symptoms of depression.

It is often used for its effectiveness in reducing anxiety and promoting calm as it has been shown to interact with the nervous system to relieve tension.

It is a natural soother and it is effective in promoting happiness. Jasmine’s sweet floral scent is perfectly paired with the earthy scent of bergamot. 


Bergamot oil is highly effective in helping to reduce stress levels and release tension. It produces a rich and refreshing scent that works to dissipate negativity which helps to quickly improve your mood.

Studies show that bergamot essential oil may be effective in cultivating positive feelings by working to reduce your body’s heart rate.

Bergamot essential oil is most effective when it is applied to the temples or massaged into the next. 

Final Thoughts 

There are so many types of natural essential oils that contain significant properties that have proven to be effective in their ability to improve our quality of life.

Now that we’ve shared the list of some of our favorite essential oil blends for happiness, you can mix and match them according to what you need.

The best way to use these essential oils for promoting happiness is to either apply them to the skin on your wrist, by massaging it into your back or neck, using a diffuser or, adding it to a room spray.

However, be sure to add a base oil to the essential oil blend before applying it directly to the skin. 

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