Focus Essential Oil Blends

Focus Essential Oil Blends

Our cognitive function is the underlying source of our cognitive performance. Being tired or stressed can significantly impact cognitive function which becomes a catalyst for a reduction in focus and decreased cognitive performance.

Trying to maintain focus can be incredibly difficult when your mind is plagued with stress, worry, or tension. Promoting a state of calm is easier said than done especially when there is pressure to complete a task.

Natural essential oils have long been used for aromatherapy due to their therapeutic properties that have been shown to be highly effective in reducing stress, enhancing clarity, and promoting focus.

But, which essential oils are best for promoting focus? 

This article will share some of the best essential oils to help you get your mind sharp, focused, and ready to face anything.

Blend For Focus 


Peppermint stands to be one of the most effective essential oils for brain stimulation. Its strong, minty scent is well known and is great for improving focus.

Used in aromatherapy, peppermint essential oil produces a cool and refreshing scent that not only works to stimulate the mind, it also works to boost energy and in turn improve concentration.

Peppermint can be combined with lemon oil to intensify its stimulating effects.  


Rosemary is another significant herb that is highly effective for stimulating the brain and improving mental alertness.

Rosemary essential oil is a significant oil used for aromatherapy due to its strong distinctive scent and its stimulating properties that work to refresh and invigorate the mind.

Rosemary essential oil is great for strengthening recall which is ideal for studying. Rosemary oil combines seamlessly with peppermint and lemon to create a stimulating and rejuvenating blend. 


Lemon essential oil produces a bright and zesty fragrance that is strong enough to boost anyone’s mood.

Not only mood-boosting, lemon essential oil along with other citrus scents, is great for cleansing and refreshing the mind to promote focus.

Creating a calm and cleansed space in the mind makes for more stimulating learning and focus.

Lemon essential oil blended with peppermint and rosemary effectively aids concentration and is said to be great for those who struggle to focus and maintain concentration for long periods. 

Blend For Energy 


Like many other citrus essential oils, grapefruit oil is great for uplifting and boosting energy.

With its strong, vibrant, and zesty scent, grapefruit essential oil works to invigorate the body and mind working to cleanse and disperse stagnant emotions and feelings.

Grapefruit oil also works to relieve stress which in turn produces mood-boosting effects. You can use grapefruit essential oil by applying it to the skin or spraying it in a room to create a vibrant space. 


Like grapefruit oil, eucalyptus oil is also great for dispersing stagnant or negative energy. Eucalyptus essential oil produces a distinct herbal and floral scent that is well recognized.

Commonly used in aromatherapy, it is known for relieving stress and stimulating the mind.

In doing so, this essential oil is effective in boosting energy by stimulating the mind. It can be applied to the body for direct use or it can be sprayed in a room.

For more intense stimulation, eucalyptus pairs nicely with grapefruit oil. 

Blend For Memory 

Sweet Orange

Sweet orange essential oil, like many other citrus oils, is effective in stimulating the mind. Sweet orange oil offers a delicate floral zesty scent that eases the senses and soothes the mind.

You can use sweet orange essential oil to improve cognitive performance such as improving memory recall. It is an effective oil to use for studying.

Sweet orange essential oil is nicely complemented with vetiver essential oil for maximum retention. 


Vetiver is a unique essential oil that produces a strong woody and spicy aroma. It is an effective essential oil for use to boost mental productivity and focus.

Vetiver works to ease the mind and promote calm, in doing so, it declutters the mind of stagnant energy which enables effective cognitive performance such as improved memory and concentration.

For the most effective use, vetiver can either be applied to the skin or added to a diffuser or room spray. 

Blend To Release Tension 

Clary Sage 

Sage oil has long been a significant oil for aromatherapy and the sage plant and has long been used for its therapeutic benefits.

Clary sage has been shown to have tension-relieving effects with its ability to reduce stress and anxiety which effectively works to promote calm and improve focus.

Studies show that clary sage has sedative effects which work to induce feelings of calm and promote clarity.

Clary sage essential oil can be used in combination with lavender and basil oil as each contains effective properties that work to create a blend that not only releases tension but also improves focus.


Lavender essential oil is widely used for aromatherapy due to its significant therapeutic benefits. Lavender contains great compounds that work to promote calm and release tension.

Lavender has been shown to have sedative effects making it an effective oil for clearing brain fog, reducing stress, and promoting a clear and focused mind.

Lavender essential oil for focus is most effective when it is applied to the skin or added to a diffuser or a room spray. 


Basil essential oil has long been used for therapeutic purposes due to its effectiveness in reducing stress and improving cognitive function due to it containing a host of beneficial compounds.

Basil oil is said to contain phenols that have been shown to have a slightly sedative effect which works to reduce stress and anxiety and relieve tension.

Its effects work to calm the mind by clearing brain fog. Not only does this effectively improve concentration and memory by enhancing cognitive focus, but it also calms the mind which subsequently calms the body.

Final Thoughts 

Each of the essential oils presented contain great benefits, some possess sedative properties that work to significantly calm and clear the mind whilst others work to stimulate the brain through their strong and distinct scent.

These essential oils blends are effective in improving focus, however, they can be mixed and matched according to your needs. Be sure to apply a base oil if you’re considering applying the essential oils directly to the skin. 

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