DIY Eyelash Growth Serum For Natural Eyelash Growth

Everyone wants amazing eyelashes, but not all of us are blessed with them! If you have sparse, thin, or short lashes, you may have looked at all of the products and procedures claiming to help.

Eyelash extensions and growth serums for sale may help initially, but in the long run, they can become expensive to keep up with. 

DIY Eyelash Growth Serum for Natural Eyelash Growth

Fortunately, there is an alternative! You can create your own eyelash growth serum right at home! But how do you do this?

If you’ve never given DIY serums or made your own beauty products a go, you are probably skeptical and unsure how to approach this challenge. 

But you can relax, as you are in safe hands! Today, we will walk you through a DIY Eyelash Growth Serum recipe that will help you naturally boost your eyelash length.

We have also included some advice on using eyelash growth serums so that you can get the best results. 

Keep reading this article to find out more! 

Why Is It Good To Have Longer Eyelashes?

Long, thick, and luscious eyelashes frame the eyes, making them look more attractive. But, there’s also another reason why fuller lashes are good for your eyes.

Irritants like dirt, sand, and dust can enter the eyes, causing sensitivity, irritation, and vision loss. 

Eyelashes act as a protective barrier against these substances. The thicker and longer your lashes are, the more they can protect against threats to the eyes. 

Many people also desire fuller lashes to improve their appearance. Those who are satisfied with the way they look generally have greater confidence than those who aren’t.

Should You Try Making An Eyelash Growth Serum?

Thinning and sparse lashes have many causes, including aging, hormone levels, allergies, chemotherapy, and medicinal side effects. You can also affect your eyelashes by rubbing your eyes, removing eye makeup too roughly, and using eyelash extensions too often.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, so if you believe that you’re losing eyelashes for any other reason, do see a medical professional. 

There are things you can purchase to improve how your lashes look, but these aren’t always affordable. Eyelash extensions need to be maintained regularly.

The cost of each appointment can grow over time. Similarly, eyelash serums on the market aren’t cheap. They have to be consistently applied to see results, so you can spend a lot more with every tube you buy. 

Making your eyelash serum is a lot more affordable. If you get your desired results from the serum, you can keep making and using it without a lot of added cost. You also have complete control over the ingredients used, so you’ll know that there aren’t any nasty chemicals within your recipe. This is ideal for those with allergies or sensitive skin. 

Eyelash Extensions Or Eyelash Growth Serum?

As we mentioned earlier, eyelash extensions are expensive. While you do see an instant improvement after your appointment, you have to keep paying for regular extension appointments.

Eyelashes normally improve a few weeks after applying growth serums consistently. Growing your lashes with serum is a lot more affordable, especially if you make it yourself. 

Eyelash extensions also make your lashes fall out quicker. Growth serums are designed to increase the time between when your lashes grow and fall out.

This gives your lashes more time to grow, making them longer as a result. Compared to extensions, eyelash growth serums make your lashes look more natural.

You can opt for lighter extensions, but a lot of options can make your lashes look fake. 

Good ingredients within growth serums include castor oil, biotin, and vitamin E. These are great for encouraging lash growth, but they also make your lashes softer and stronger.

However, if you’re thinking about purchasing one, look at their ingredient list. Some serums on the market can contain irritating chemicals. 

Is This DIY Serum Safe To Use?

If you’re wondering whether this DIY growth serum is safe to use, you can relax. The recipe below is safe for use around the eyes. 

The FDA endorses most eyelash serums on the market, but they do come with cautions. Eyelash growth serums may cause side effects like lower eye pressure, itchy eyes, darker eyelid skin, and darker pigmentation within the iris. These side effects are rare, but they are possible.

Despite this, the growth serum recipe below uses all-natural ingredients. This means that while side effects are possible, they have a lower chance of occurring compared to ones for sale. 

A key safety factor is how you apply the DIY serum. You may be tempted to use more products to speed up results, but only use a little at a time.

Greater amounts of the serum have an increased chance of entering the eye and affecting the surrounding skin. 

Testing The DIY Eyelash Serum

Before you make and apply the growth serum, make sure that you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients within. If you’re unsure, carry out a patch test before applying it to the eyes. 

To conduct a patch test, place a few drops of the serum behind your ear, inside of the arm, or the inner elbow. Rub the serum into the skin, then examine the area for the next 48 hours.

If there’s no reaction, you can continue to use the product. 

Keep in mind that patch tests aren’t an outright safety guarantee, but they can inform you of how you may react to the serum in the future. 

How To Make An Eyelash Growth Serum At Home

Making an eyelash growth serum isn’t difficult! Before you can get started, you need to gather a few materials that are easily purchased online. 

What You Need

Small Tube And Eyelash Wand/Brush

These look like little mascara bottles with a brush inside. Ones shaped like a mascara wand are great for coating the lashes, while ones resembling eyeliner wands are better for applying the serum on the lash line, close to the lash root. 

A Small Funnel

This will help you pour the oils into the tube easily, without the extra mess.

Range Of Oils

These include oils that are designed to improve hair growth, but you can also add essential oils to add a light fragrance. These include:

  • Castor oil
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Lavender or rosemary essential oil


Now that you have your ingredients, you can get started creating your eyelash serum. Here are the step-by-step instructions. 

Step 1

Clean your mascara tube, brush, and funnel. This will ensure that the whole process is sanitary and that no dirt or debris gets into your serum. Wash your hands well. 

Step 2

Fix the funnel to the small tube. Pour half a tablespoon of castor oil into the bottle.

Step 3

Follow with half a tablespoon of vitamin E oil, then half a tablespoon of coconut oil. 

Step 4

If you don’t want to add any essential oils at this point, remove the funnel and close the tube. Gently shake to blend the oils. 

Step 5

If you want to add essential oils, add three drops of lavender essential oil to the bottle, then three drops of rosemary. Remove the funnel, close the tube, then shake gently to combine everything. 

Remember: Don’t dip your fingers into the mixture or apply it with your hands. This may transfer bacteria onto your eyes which can cause issues later. Only use the mascara wand or liner brush to apply the serum. 

How To Apply Eyelash Growth Serum

You can apply your eyelash growth serum anytime you want to, but the best time to do so is after your nightly skincare routine. This allows the serum to take effect while you sleep, instead of transferring onto your eyelid skin during the day. 

Here are some pointers to help optimize the growth serum effects. 

  • Before you apply the growth serum, shake the bottle to make sure that all the oils are blended.
  • Dip the wand into the bottle, then apply gently to your lashes. Don’t use too much of the solution. If your wand picks up too much, press the wand gently on the side of the tube to remove the excess. 
  • Once you’ve applied the serum, don’t touch your face for at least four hours afterward. This can make the serum move from your lashes to other areas. 
  • Make sure that you press the serum into the root of your lashes, not just the length of them. 
  • Take pictures each week to see how your lashes progress. 

How Long Before I See Results?

Eyelash growth serums start showing signs of working after a few weeks of consistent use. However, you need to keep using them for several months before you get the maximum result.

The results will vary depending on the person’s rate of hair growth and age. Medical issues and underlying conditions will also have an impact. 

It’s hard to notice a difference after a few weeks, so remember to take progress pictures every week to assess the results. 

The Bottom Line

Eyelashes aren’t meant to stay attached forever. They will fall out, just like the hair on your head does. However, if you believe that your lashes are particularly thin, you may want to discuss your concerns with a medical professional.

Eyelash loss may occur after a health condition, but diet, allergies, and makeup can all be contributing factors. If you don’t address these, no amount of DIY serums will make a difference. 

That being said, if you want thicker lashes, but don’t want to pay lots of money for extensions or serums, a DIY growth serum can be a great alternative. 

Remember to do a patch test before to be safe, and only apply the serum with the mascara wand, not your hands. As long as you commit to applying it regularly and consistently, your lashes may see a marked improvement! 

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